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We at Dazzle Marble Company are a team of passionate people who share a common love for natural stones from the around the world. Every member of the team was mesmerized by the beauty and unique nature of Dazzle marble hence joined our team. We have the correct mix of enthusiasm and youthful exuberance and hence we are able to successfully cater to orders of volume from many corners of the world.

Our team includes dedicated quality inspectors who inspect and ensure each slab is free from any defects before loading. Our team also has interior designers who can suggest the best suited marble shade for the client’s application. We have the best social marketing team that handles our online presence. Our experienced sales force makes sure the client’s needs are met at every instance and the marble buying experience of the customer is a seamless one.

Dazzle Marble is your one-stop shop for all things granite and marble! We boast a wide selection of beautiful natural stones to elevate your next project, from countertops and flooring to vanities and backsplashes. Search granite and marble shop near me and visit our showroom today to find the perfect touch of luxury for your home.

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Nikunj Rajgarhia

Nikunj Rajgarhia is our CEO And founder of the company who started mining this beautiful Dazzle Marble. Marbles have withstood the test of time and this enticing world always fascinated Nikunj right from his childhood. His educational background which is a mix of Computer Engineering from Mumbai University and Management studies from Cass Business School in London has enabled him to showcase Dazzle Marble to the eclectic buyers across the world. It is his burning desire to make Dazzle Marble India’s most exported marble to the world.

Yashvardhan Rajgarhia

Yashvardhan Rajgarhia is a profilic personality who has a vast experience in mining of beautiful marbles from many parts of the world. He possesses extraordinary business skills and has studied Masters in Business Management Management from University of Westminster in London UK. He is a multifaceted personality and is heading the finance division at Dazzle Marble.

Hatim Ali Dawood

Hatim Ali Dawood is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in the natural stone and plastic products industries. He holds a Bachelor in Commerce degree and has lived and worked across India and the Middle East, building a deep understanding of these regions.

Mr. Hatim Ali is fluent in Arabic and has spent more than a decade in Kuwait. His expertise in the export of natural stone products make him one of the most sought out business professional in the Indian marble industry. His proficiency in Arabic and his experience in the Middle East make him well-equipped to navigate the complexities of international trade and business. He is known for his extensive network, reliability, and track record of success.

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Test Report


S.No. Sample Mark Content (%)
SiO2 CaO MgO LOI Fe2O3 AI2O3
1. 8/2014-15/M/09 0.40 29.40 21.58 47.25 0.96 Traces
Test Name Test Method Value
Compressive Strength EN 1926 : 2006 88.44
Flexural Strength EN 12372 : 2006 16.21
Slip Resistance Value Dry Condition EN 14231 : 2003 75
Wet Condition EN 14231: 2003 58
Specular Gloss Angle 20° ASTM D523-08 48.96
Angle 60° ASTM D523-08 69.71
Angle 85° ASTM D523-08 90.38
Moh's Hardness CDOS/TP/23 Between 3 to 4
Abrasion Resistance EN 14157 : 2004 17.19
Rupture Energy EN 14158 : 2004 4.02
Water Absorption EN 13755 : 2008 0.04
TACTILITY (TEST METHOD – EN 12057: 2004, EN 12058: 2004)

No effect on surface due to mechanical finish such as detachment of spark / laths of minerals. Voids & Holes were not observed. Stone in suitable for all purpose.

VISUAL APPEARANCE (TEST METHOD – EN 12057: 2004, EN 1469: 2004)

Colour – Creamish White
Grains Size – Fine to Medium grained
Mineralogy – Rock is hard & compact in nature, fine to medium grained, equigranular, creamish white with brownish spotted in colour. It is mainly consist of calcite & dolomite with minor amount of ferromagnisum minerals and grains are cemented by calcarious material. The rock is metamorphosed identified as marble.

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