Journey From Block To Slab

best indian marble

Modern Processing Unit


Our Unit is spread over a vast area of 10000 in the heart of the Industrial area of Sukher in Udaipur.

The unit is equipped with the latest machinery inspired by Italian technology that converts and blocks into ready to use slabs.

The Italian Resin line ensures that each slab is perfected in the resin line plant to ensure that any small natural defects are treated with best epoxy before being polished to ensure a seamless experience after it is laid on the floor.

Capacity 12 Million Square Feet Per Annum


Our Unit has a production capacity that can produce slabs in tune of 1 Million Square feet per month.

Our Latest machinery ensures fastest production enabling us to meet the timelines of the project with ease.

We are fully equipped to fulfill and execute orders of volume for your dream project

best indian marble
best indian marble

Fully Integrated Plant


We are a fully integrated Stone company, where we have all the processes right from the quarry till the processed slab all manufacturing is happening under one roof.

The various stages in the production process are Quarry where the block is extracted from.

Processing unit where the raw blocks are converted into ready to use slabs.

Packaging is done in wooden crates to ensure minimum damage in Transit.


India's Premier Marble Factories: Crafting Timeless Elegance


Dazzle Marble’s Modern Processing unit is situated in the heart of Industrial area of Udaipur and is spread over a vast land of 10000 square meters

All machines are equipped with the latest technology.

The plant has 2 Marble Gangsaw units, Imported Resin line by Italian Company SRL and Automatic Line polisher.

Located in the thriving industrial hub of Udaipur, Dazzle Marble’s cutting-edge processing unit spans an expansive 10,000 square meters. Renowned among marble factories, our facility boasts state-of-the-art machinery, all outfitted with the latest technological advancements. Our plant houses two marble gangsaw units, along with an imported resin line from the esteemed Italian company, SRL, and an automated line polisher. Experience excellence in marble craftsmanship at one of the leading marble factories, Dazzle Marble.

best indian marble
Marble Quarry

This is the mountain where the block is extracted from. Using drill machines and wire saw machines the sheets of mountain are brought down to be cut in blocks.

best indian marble
Marble Line Polish

After the slabs are cut in the gang-saw machines the slabs are then put in the automatic polishing line where the slabs are polished using best abrasives, ensuring the smooth shining mirror polished surface.

best indian marble
Marble Block

After the sheets are brought down in the quarry, a quality team inspects the sheets and the blocks are cut from the sheet avoiding all natural cracks.

best indian marble
Slab Loading

The slabs are then loaded in sea worthy wooden pallets and transported to the destination. This is export level packing and the slabs are loaded in the containers as well in the same packing style for export.

best indian marble
Gangsaw Cutting Machine

The blocks are transported from the quarry to the factory where the blocks are cut into slabs in the marble cutting gang-saw machine. The cutting machine is called gang of saw blades hence called a Gang saw Machine.

best indian marble
Tiles Packing

We are one of the few companies that offer cut to size tiles for the project. The tiles are packed in specific wooden pallets and then exported to various countries.

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