Applications Of Dazzle Marble

Come, let us take you on a journey through the captivating tale of Gaurav, a customer of Dazzle Marble. The summer of 2021 was marked by an exciting meeting between Gaurav, Maria, a seasoned architect, and Emma, a talented interior designer. They were gathered to discuss Gaurav's grand plan to build a luxurious home that would leave a lasting impression on anyone who laid eyes on it. Maria had designed…

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Relevance of Dazzle Marble in Today’s Construction

  Marbles have withstood the test of time, Be it the famous Victoria Memorial in Kolkata or the Taj Mahal in Agra or even the Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy. These magnificent structures are a testimony to the fact that the world of marbles is a fascinating one and artists throughout the history have gained inspiration to do something wonderful with their art looking at these eternal monuments. Even…

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  A block of marble is always extracted from a mountain. All the marble quarries in the world at the moment operate in a similar fashion as globalization and rapid modernization has led to consolidation in the mining equipment manufacturers industry. So be it a marble quarry in Carrara in Italy or a quarry in Kavala Area in Greece or be it in a remote village in Rajasthan all the…

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Dazzle Marble Shotblast Series

The marble is subjected to a pressurized gun in a chamber, and it is used to distress the surface by high-speed iron pellets that constantly hit the marble. The high compressive strength and compact nature of this marble makes it suitable to withstand this finish. The result is something quite spectacular. The surface becomes white and the inherent colours of the marble become visible after the finish. It is suited…

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Dazzle Marble in Backlit Application

This marble has made it through to some of the most exotic projects in India and we have exported the same to 30 countries till now. Whenever an architect has got a chance to see this marble they have appreciated it instantly and it has found a place in their portfolio of natural stones that they use for their projects. There are several applications in the interiors and exteriors where…

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