1. Why is Dazzle Marble considered India’s Most Loved Marble?

Dazzle Marble has become India’s most loved marble over the years. The mai reasons for the same are its warm cream coloured background that gives it an extremely rich appeal which is comparable to many of the world’s exotic and expensive marbles. Due to its neutral colour it blends well with all architecture and interior themes.From a single Quarry there are as many as 8 varieties that are consistently available for orders of volume. Due to its robust physical and chemical properties it is certified to be used in all exterior as well interior

2. Can Dazzle Marble be used in big institutional projects like Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Airports and other similar Institutional buildings?

The answer is unequivocally yes. There is a test called abrasion resistance which certifies whether a marble can withstand the wear and tear causedby a heavy footfall in public areas. The Marble institute of America certifies that when the value of the same is above 10 it is fit for public use. The test values for Dazzle Marble is 17 which makes it highly suitable.

There are many Institutional projects in India and abroad that have indeed used Dazzle Marble as the main flooring and it has yielded great results.


3. Can you use Dazzle Marble in wet areas such as Washrooms or corridors that are exposed to rains?

Yes, There are 2 factors which certify that Dazzle Marble can be used in we applications. The first is the water absorption test for which the value is only 0.04% that makes it water resistant. There is another test called slip resistance which certifies whether the marble is fit to walk in wet applications. According to Marble Institute of America a value above 50 is considered fit and Dazzle Marble’s value is 56. Hence it is fit for all wet applications.

4. Can Dazzle marble be used as a stone for buildings cladding of façade and other elevations?

Yes, Due to its high compressive strength and high flexural strength and low water absorbtion, it is fit to used in exterior applications which are exposed to all kinds of weathers, be it a tropical climate that has a lot of heat and rain.

For colder countries which have a lot of snow there is a test called frost resistance and Dazzle marbles value for the same is also higher than the qualifications required for stones to be used in snow areas.

5. I want my dream house to be flooring to be exquisite, can dazzle marble look and give a feel similar to Imported Italian Marble?

Yes most certainly. Marble adds un-paralleled luxury to the interiors of the project. There is a trend to use neutral beige and light grey colours in flooring and interior design of the house. Dazzle Marble has been successfully used in many luxurious residential projects as the sole marble used for flooring.

In look and feel it is comparable or better than its Imported counterparts like Italian Botticino, Turkish Burberry Beige, Turkish Regal Beige , Spanish Crema Marfill or Portugese Michelangelo Marble.

All these above mentioned Imported Marbles are trending in the market at the moment are extremely popular. Dazzle Marble is better than them in terms of physical strength and visual appeal is quite attractive. In terms of pricing Dazzle Marble is available at a fraction of the cost as compared to these Imported ones.

6. I want my house flooring to look good, there are a variety of tiles available in the market, why should I choose Dazzle Marble?

No matter how good or expensive the tile might be, once water is spilled on the surface it becomes very slippery and due to the fact that the tiles have a artificially created sheen on the surface it becomes extremely difficult for children and elder people to spot this wet surface and this causes them to slip and hence causing the accident.

Dazzle Marble on the other hand is found to have a natural slip resistance which ensures safety and eliminates this problem. And whenever water is spilled on the marble, it is easily visible even on the glossy polished surface.

7. I have heard that Marble polishing takes a lot of time and Tiles are installed much faster so why should I choose marble flooring?

Marbles have added un paralleled luxury to many buildings since time immemorial and It continues to remain a fact that marble floor speaks for itself. A house or for that matter any construction project is done only once in a lifetime. Marble fixing is definitely a pain point for the home owners but if the overall beauty and luxurious appeal is considered we can accommodate these couple of months’ delay in our stride it wouldn’t hurt the overall timeline of the project if proper planning is done.

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