A block of marble is always extracted from a mountain. All the marble quarries in the world at the moment operate in a similar fashion as globalization and rapid modernization has led to consolidation in the mining equipment manufacturers industry.
So be it a marble quarry in Carrara in Italy or a quarry in Kavala Area in Greece or be it in a remote village in Rajasthan all the quarries have a similar equipment for extraction of marble.
The Process of extraction starts from the mountain where horizontal and perpendicular holes are done in raw the sheets of marble using drilling machines.
After the holes are done a big circular metal wire consisting of diamond studded bits are put in the holes and the cutting using wire-saw machine begins. Once the raw sheets of marble are cut with a wire-saw machine, they are moved down using heavy earth moving machines called Excavators
A careful consideration of Quality is done by the quality inspectors after the sheet of Marble is dropped on the quarry floor. All the portion of blocks where natural cracks were occurring are cut away using the same wire-saw machines.
The quality experts calculate and optimize the best strategy to obtain maximum defect free marble form the raw sheet.
The blocks are transported to the factory for further processing where the blocks are then cut into ready to use marble slabs using Gang saw machines.
The gang saw machine is basically a machine which can be called a gang of saw blades. It binds the blades together and the thickness of the slabs can be set according to the project.
The general practise is making of a sand bed, mixing it with cement and then laying the cut marble slabs on the top. Due to this mechanical procedure the joins are never completely in sync hence to achieve the desired result, the polishing procedure has to start from the beginning again. That is why in India most the customers prefer to buy unpolished marble slabs.
Finally, after polish this is a seem less and beautiful feel to the overall project.
Once the slabs are cut they are then treated with Transparent Epoxy in Italian Resin Line machine by the company SEI and then they are sent for polishing.
For export all the marble is first pre polished and then laid on the site but in India due to the construction still being handled by heavy man power the quality of casting of slabs is such that the marble even after being pre polished still needs to be polished on the site after being laid.

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