Marbles have withstood the test of time, Be it the famous Victoria Memorial in Kolkata or the Taj Mahal in Agra or even the Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy. These magnificent structures are a testimony to the fact that the world of marbles is a fascinating one and artists throughout the history have gained inspiration to do something wonderful with their art looking at these eternal monuments. Even after thousands of years in being use It still continues to inspire the younger designers of the current generation.
We have come a long way in mining methods of these beautiful marbles, it started with hammer and wedges in the ancient times and now there are mechanized machines to do the cumbersome and tedious job of extracting marble out of the sheets of mountains. Marbles are truly a gift from mother nature and they continue to remain relevant as a building material in projects till today.
It is our love for this beautiful marble that gave us the inspiration to start mining of a unique fine grained marble that we proudly named as Dazzle Marble. The term “Dazzle” was coined to complement the shining and mesmerizing appeal that the polished effect of this marble has. It has invariably caught the attention of many buyers in India and across the world and we hope that it continues to Dazzle and attract designers in the future.
Dazzle Marble’s warm cream coloured background and its mature and rustic appeal makes it an extremely relevant marble in today’s design perspective. Its salient features are its robust physical and chemical properties, Its Low water absorption, high compressive strength and high abrasion resistance. These features make it a suitable option to be used as the main flooring marble even for institutional projects like Hospitals, Hotels and schools
Dazzle Marble Quarry

If you look at the picture closely the first layer on the top looks quite tattered with a lot of dark brown portion in between, those are the natural cracks. Any quarry wherever it is started in the world has to go through a time where they have to excavate first three benches and then keep on excavating until they reach the lower benches in the quarry.
Dazzle Marble quarry has cleared the most testing times of any quarry in the world and that is the getting through the first 3 benches and still managing to stay in the green.
The current bench where the work is going on is the 5th bench which has extremely homogenous material which is very compact and robust in nature. The consistency and aesthetic beauty of the material has also improved drastically as we have gone down to the lower benches.
This marble has made it through to some of the most exotic projects in India and we have exported the same to 30 countries till now.
Whenever an architect has got a chance to see this marble they have appreciated it instantly and it has found a place in their portfolio of natural stones that they use. But due to the size of our company and low budgets for marketing we still haven’t been able to reach to as many designers as we would have liked to.
The designers, Architects and Interior Architects invariably prefer a light cream coloured marble for their designs as the neutral nature makes it blend well with all themes of architecture. The construction activities in India are at an all-time boom and
We have developed a good sourcing network of other materials that are required for the projects across India. I have gathered a successful experience in sourcing a variety of cobble stones, sandstones, granites and other natural stones for the projects. So we can fulfil natural stone requirements of any kind of project right from the entry level stone such as Kota stone till the most luxurious stone that is Staturio marble from Italy.
The best way to engage with the architects is through delivering of samples to their office and trying to find some connection with them. The pitch is that we promote Dazzle Marble as our Main selling product as provides us with the flexibility to offer any price that is suitable for their project and then we also offer them all the other natural stones available in the market as well. We can definitely offer them a competitive price as compared to the local dealers based in Delhi NCR area.

Marbles have a ubiquitous use and can be used in following areas of your construction.
Marbles have a use in each category of the projects. Let’s have a closer look at what categories are.
There are several applications in the interiors and exteriors where marble can be used.
Flooring for the following areas
  • Elevation for buildings facades
  • Cladding on Boundary wall
  • Pavement stones for landscape areas
  • Swimming Pool flooring and decks
  • Living room
  • Drawing room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Staircase for interiors as well as service staircase for Buildings
  • Washrooms wall cladding as well as flooring.
  • Other common utility areas like corridors, Balconies and servant quarters.
Dazzle Marble used in the flooring of a bedroom.
Dazzle Marble used as flooring as well wall cladding in banquet hall.
Wall coverings in Interior Applications Areas
Dazzle Marble Used as a wall cladding solution in a boutique hotel
Dazzle Marble used in a wall cladding backlit application in a luxurious 5 star hotel.
Marbles can be used in the wet areas of the washroom applications in both
flooring as well as wall coverings due to their anti-skid nature.
Dazzle Marble used in flooring as well wall cladding in a washroom of a hotel room.
Dazzle Marble used as a bathroom counter in a luxurious hotel project in Saudi Arabia.
Luxury Wall Cladding application pictures
Overview on various Marbles.
95 percent of Indias marble is found in Rajasthan. The major colours in which marble is available in are
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Beige
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Exotic Mixed Multicoloured
Some patterns of marbles are similar in Marbles throughout the world and they can be characterized into 3 groups
  • Plain Background
  • Veined Background
  • Random Pattern
The plain background marbles have the following patterns, at times the patterns are randomly scattered and at times they are evenly scattered. The few patterns that commonly appear are:-
  • Thin Pencil Line streaks in different colours
  • Thick arbitrary lines in various colours
  • Small and big pebbles like oval shaped colours
  • Small and big star like crystals
  • Small and big round crystals
  • Random shaped geomtrical figures
Veined Background marbles have the following patterns :-
  • Horizontal straight veins
  • Thin Diangonal veins
  • Thick Diagonal Veins
  • Thin Diagonal Waves
  • Thick Diagonal Waves
  • Thin wavy pattern linear lines
  • Thick wavy pattern linear lines
  • Wavy pattern perpendicular lines
Random design marbles are a favourate among the designers as each lot appears to be like a painting and they appreciate it by calling it in the terms like “ Art by God”
When the marbles are laid there is term which is widely used which is called “Book Match” . When the marble blocks are sliced in the gangsaw machine and converted to slabs, the design in one slab is a mirror image of the design continuing in the other slab. Hence when it is cut and laid the veins or the design is matched while flooring is done and it is called Book Matched.
This is a random Pattern slab of Dazzle Marble and it is defined by a randomly going veins of blue designs all across the marble slab. Below is attached the picture that explains the bookmatched process in detail. The design that is found in one slab is always a mirror image that is found in the next successive slab. The design when combined always matches with the preceding slab.
At times the designers do not opt for the book matched design and instead go for a random design pattern which basically means is that they do not match the veins but just cut the patterns randomly and scatter it all over the floor. The best example of a randomly cut pattern is the lobby of the Hotel The Grand in Gurugoan area in Delhi NCR. They have randomly used Staturio marble in randomly cut design. Please see it whenever you get a chance.
Until 10 years ago Indian marbles were predominantly assumed to have a white colour. There was a saying that “Marble matlab White” .
In terms of the design perspective the earlier widely used white marbles have lost a lot of relevance today as now the interior designers and architects look for marbles with creamish and beige tones that a offer a nuetral pallette to designers to choose a variety of other interior furninshing products.
Cream coloured marbles often make the interior spaces look bigger and their nuetral tone blends well with almost all interior application themes. Most of the developers today who are selling luxurious flats in metro cities in India are opting mostly for Italian beige marble called “Botticino”.
Traditional Indian White Marbles
Premium Indian White Marbles
Exotic Indian Coloured Marbles
The natural marbles are quite appealing and if we land up with the right architects then the potential to earn money in this business is huge.
To begin with you need A functioning website that has photographs of Infrastructure and quarry and marbles range.
A good social media presence with a good website makes a huge difference in this business as most of the people are laid back in this.
Whatever leads are generated by social media and other in person meetings you can ask me to deal with them for you and with time you will gain confidence and crack this business as it is really not very difficult.
You have a good personality and an Experience to deal with people and those are the only two things you require in this business.
You treat me a preferred vendor for you till it suits you and then once you have had a good experience with the projects you can take it up on your own as well. I will share with you direct contacts of all the vendors of all the other materials as well.
All this is really what is on my mind but whenever you feel it is the right time for you can bring this up. I am never the know it all kind of a person and I am always open to good advice.
The most important thing you need is to BELIEVE that you can do it and you shall start to see the things fall in place for you. You always deserve the best and this is not me doing anything for anyone it is just what’s meant to happen, happens and it ALWAYS happens.

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